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Join the musical community by working with fellow guitar players in a collaborative learning environment. Unleash the musician within you and express yourself with the 7 Essential Skills of guitar playing. Get results fast with structured guitar lessons using the G4 GUITAR METHOD.

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Looking to give your child or yourself the gift of music that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and expression?  Our 5 week introduction is perfect for beginners to intermediate students ages 5 and up. To make an inquiry please fill in the form or call us at 912-335-5605.

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The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a structured system of learning guitar based on the 80/20 Principle. Our aim is to take beginner students to an intermediate level in the least amount of time by focusing on what we call the G4 GUITAR 7 Essential Skills of guitar playing. Focusing on these skills ensures you are getting the highest return on your practice time.

What People Are Saying

My family loves music, and some of us even play some string instruments. But I was nervous enrolling my five-year-old son in guitar lessons. Is it too early? Can he sit still through practices and lessons? Thank goodness I found Jay Rudd. His patient, warm, methodical approach has empowered us to become at-home teachers and given our son constant, little challenges and achievements to be proud of. He's enjoying decoding the language of music and participating in creating some tunes.

Dana Bynum

Jay Rudd's instructional program with G4 Guitar is great. I've been taking lessons from Jay for about a year and am continually amazed by his depth of music theory and real world application across multiple instruments and genres. He's an excellent teacher who uses a lot of different techniques to help the student find success.

Mike Robinson 

How Does G4 GUITAR Help You Learn Guitar and Play Your Favorite Songs in Less Time?

More For Less

The 80/20 Principle states that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts. As an example it suggests that 80% of songs are written using only 20% of chords, and 80% of songs use only 20% of the notes. This idea applies to almost every aspect of guitar playing. Not all guitar practice is equal. Some practice will result in much more progress for far less effort. Imagine if you could practice half as much and actually progress faster than most other people. This is what the G4 GUITAR METHOD is all about.

Sense Of Progress

Do you know why most people give up on guitar in the first 6 months? Learning guitar is not easy, of course, but that's not the main reason people quit. The #1 reason is they lack a sense of progress. Having a sense of progress is critical for sticking to any long term goal. When we feel like we are stuck and going nowhere we see no point in continuing. At G4 GUITAR we understand this and have created a method based on Checklists that track progress, thereby giving you a sense of progress.

Skills Based Learning

The secret to our success is a skills based approach. By focusing primarily on skills, students develop the tools they need to learn their favorite songs on their own. Developing the 7 Essential Skills of guitar is the path to rapid progress and superior technique and allows students to learn songs quickly and accurately.

The G4 GUITAR Checklists

The G4 GUITAR METHOD is unique in the fact that we track student progress via specially designed checklists. Our checklists cover all ages 4 and up. Checklists allow students to clearly understand what is required for each level making learning feel more like a game. Watch the video to learn more.

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*Structured, Easy-To-Follow Guitar Lessons *Beginners Welcome *Ages 5 Years to Adults *Certified Teachers *All Lesson Materials Included *Located in Savannah

Phone: 912-335-5605 Email: jay@guitarlessonssavannah.com

Jay is a very attentive and patient teacher. My son is 6 and enjoys the lessons, and is excited to go back to show Jay his new skills. He is a generous with his time and is really good at recommending materials and very responsive to questions or concerns. I have, and will continue to highly recommend Jay as a skilled teacher for kids of all ages.

Leah Yakabovits